Bucket List

This page is more for fun than anything else. I intend to post “bucket list” items, theatrical or otherwise, below. Maybe I’ll even cross a few off?



  • Produce a full, “successful” production
  • Produce a 24 hour festival of new work
    • I want to do one for theatre, but I also want to do one for new dance choreography and 2D art. I also also want to do 5 day festivals for film and fashion.
  • Install a new permanent performance space in the Boston area that is sustainable (and won’t be taken away to make room for condos.)
  • Sheila or Bebe, A Chorus Line
  • Mrs. Lovett, Sweeney Todd
  • A meaty Shakespeare role
  • Originate a role in a musical


  • Live performance en pointe.


  • Full split
  • Complete a Spartan Trifecta (and get a matching tattoo to celebrate)
  • Hike up 5 mountains in a year
  • Complete the Xena Quest (which will necessitate finishing the list of criteria)
  • Walk to Mordor


  • “Complete” a genealogy chart. (Not that those things can ever really be completed.)
  • Travel! (This part will have countries listed later. Assume I want to travel everywhere.)
  • Start a charity or a scholarship fund.

Homesteading (this one is especially subject to change, and I likely will not be physically able to do it all in my lifetime)

  • Actually do that. A couple of acres in Vermont or Maine with a house on it and some other support buildings.
  • Two dairy goats (they’re social creatures!)
  • Chickens, with coop but probably not a run. I want them to have as much space as needed.
  • Rabbits for meat and fur
  • Gardens, plural
    • Vegetable
    • Herb
    • Rose
    • Poison
    • Witch/Fairy
    • Bird, Butterfly, and Bee
    • Reception area/patio
    • Themed flower gardens
      • Sun
      • Moon
      • Grouped by colors
      • Etc.
  • Compost. Ideally, I’d like to build my own compost heap with multiple stalls so that I can use an empty one when the full one is almost finished.
  • Possibly solar power and wind turbines. It will likely depend on the area.
  • Bees(!)
    • Honey
    • Beeswax
  • Homebrewing
    • Mead
    • Wine
    • Beer
  • Cheesemaking
  • If I’m very lucky, an orchard.
  • And of course domestic pets, too.
  • I have other ideas for what to do with the space (like location-based theatre like they do at Double Edge!), but I also have ideas that I can’t talk about just yet. Stick around and find out.

More to come!