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Headshot courtesy of Karrie Ann Smith
Headshot courtesy of Karrie Ann Smith


Jacquelyn Weatherbee is a theater artist local to the Boston area. She is a graduate of Salem State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theater Performance with a minor in Music Performance and Italian language (2012). Jacquelyn considers herself actor, director, stage electrician, filmmaker, playwright, live-action role player, musician, bellydancer, writer, poet, murder mystery party planner, and eternal collector of trivia.  Though she is primarily an actor, she spends her time pursuing other art forms that will hopefully inform and compliment her own. That’s why she  is slowly teaching herself many different arts, such as juggling, guitar, tap, sign language, linguistics and etymology, Greek myths, and the like. She’s super fun at parties.

Jacquelyn has been lucky enough to be a part of some wonderful theater in the Boston area, including Oberon New Work Series production, The Bacchae (Komoi Collective, Tubiforce MP) which she considers to be one of the most important projects she’s worked on to date.. She took several months off from theater in 2013 to spend some time in Italy teaching English to high school students through the SITE program. She considers herself extremely fortunate to have been a part of it.

Jacquelyn is currently accepting new work proposals. If you would like to work with her on a project, please feel free to contact her through the Contact page or send an email to contact@jacquelynweatherbee.com.


Jacquelyn was born in Waltham, MA but was raised in Lynn, MA. Lynn has taught her so much while growing up, even influencing her decision to work on a documentary film highlighting the history of one of the prominent neighborhoods in Lynn, The Highlands. As they always say, no matter how far away you go, you can never really leave.

Jacquelyn dedicates everything she does to the memory of her mother, Holly Ann Turilli, and to the love and faith of her grandmother, Virginia Mead.

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